• "Brilliant. DID I SAY "BRILLIANT"? WELL, I MEANT IT. People will be talking for years about what some of the personal confessions mean in terms of your artistry. Find the very finest and best stereo system and you'll be blown away... it is not often that productions of this quality are put out." Bob Katz

  • "I'm swept up in this album. I love the light, the shade, the colours; I'm riveted by 'Underground', taken deeply into 'Sign of Life', brought to tears by 'War', popping around the room to 'Enough of This'… and left somewhere out in space at the end by the artistry of 'Hollow'. Beautiful." — Imogen Wolf

  • "Just utterly brilliant. I swear. You write the music I dream to. I could, and will, wax on and on but the upshot is that it is FANTASTIC. Nobody I know writes music as beautiful as you do Andy. I am listening to this over and over. It's a friggin' ANTHEM of AWESOME." — Porl Gordon

  • "WOW! It's a sonic masterpiece! REALLY! A very rich tapestry of sounds, both organic and synth'd. Massive bass/drum grooves, vocal harmonies and a world of layered and textured support instruments. The sound is impeccable. Very much an "art/concept" album, [and] a work of art in its own right... and well worth the purchase price I might add!" — Jeremy White

  • "If you like artistry and atmosphere in your pop music, you'll love this. It's retro, it's ambient, it's electronic and it's organic; sometimes serene, sometimes epic, all at once dark, mysterious, enchanting, and uplifting. It's like stepping into a parallel universe; if a picture paints a thousand words, then this music paints a thousand pictures." — John Williamson

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